Local Pulse Report- Mobile Payment Adoption

For the past 5 years, Thrive Analytics has been conducting Local Pulse surveys on small and medium sized businesses to gauge their attitudes about the economy, what they are doing with their marketing budgets, what role social and digital media are playing in generating leads for them, and how satisfied they are with their providers.


This report contains key highlights related to mobile payment technology from our 2015 survey conducted on 1,105 small businesses. The report is 27 pages in length and includes the following charts/figures:

  • Defining the Mobile Payments Space
  • Mobile Payments Landscape
  • The Mobile Payment Opportunity
  • Mobile Payment Provider Matrix
  • Merchant Consumer Exchange
  • SMBs That Can Accept Mobile Payments
  • Reasons SMBs Don’t Accept Mobile Payments
  • % of Sales From Mobile Platforms
  • Reasons Consumers Don’t Use Mobile Payments
  • Reasons Consumers Don’t Use Payments by Age


This report is available to our annual research subscribers for free. Please contact your account rep for more details or save money by subscribing today.

Local Pulse Report- Mobile Payment Adoption
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